Art Supplies

Some things in life are certainties. We’ve all heard that death and taxes are sure to invade all of our lives at some point. Some people think that having a beer on a Friday night or having a holiday in the summer are certainties too. One thing that everyone must agree on as a certainty, however, is the appreciative quality of the prices of pieces of art and the growing global business to be found in art supply.

One of the most successful online art supply centres in the world is Magnifico provides a rich service to those in the business, as well as to those who want to break in to the sector. From Bo Bartlett to Michael Smyth, Magnifico has many great contacts among working artists and deceased artists’ estates which can be exploited by customers who are willing to part with their hard-earned cash.

Magnifico also sells supplies to working artists at very competitive prices. The working artist can easily pick up easels, palettes and knives. Magnifico also supplies many artists with a variety of brushes from single-hair and fine work tools to three and four inch brushes and specially crafted rollers. Artists can even buy canvasses from Magnifico.

Moreover, Magnifico offers a traditional framing service and provides a wide variety of frames, styles and framing options as well as an excellent reduction service on large orders. Various types of paint such as acrylic, oil and watercolours can be bought and sold on the Magnifico website.

Magnifico can also sell and frame prints by almost any artist for small concessions and this is what has made the business so successful. Importantly, for the amateur and semi-pro artists out there, Magnifico can help when it comes to publishing and selling work. Magnifico also boasts a full range of services when it comes to setting up exhibitions, particularly in the US.

The Magnifico art supply business is a massive success and this has only been helped by the fact that they promote and sponsor many art festivals in America and Canada and they have even begun to help artists in Mexico and other Central American states to branch into these more prosperous areas.

With the global economic climate being weakened with the recession which struck in late 2008-early 2009, it seems that buying and selling solid commodities (i.e. commodities which rarely lose their value such as art and gold) is a safe way of moving and investing capital without risking it on the turbulent stock markets.

So, whether you are a working artist or a connoisseur of the visual arts, Magnifico could be the way forward when it comes to buying and selling art and art supplies. It is one of the most successful businesses of its kind because it offers a range of first class services and excellent customer care. Magnifico art supplies really do deliver, that’s why they call themselves El Magnifico!